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Who we are

The Dalrymple family and some of the key people of Waitatapia

Waitatapia Farming has been owned and operated by the Dalrymple family for over a 100 years. 

Current owners and operators are brothers Hew & Roger Dalymple.  Hew manages the cropping & timber operations with Roger managing the livestock. The brothers are the fifth generation of Dalrymple’s farming at Waitatapia. Waitatapia is Maori for “plenty of water” & is believed to be named as such due to the frequent flooding of the Rangitikei River before the building of stop banks in the area.

The Waitatapia Team

Hew Dalrymple



Roger Dalrymple



Cary 'Boots' White



Wayne Hosking

Production Manager


Ross Hartley

Stock Manager


Dave Fredericks

Business Manager