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Land Types

The farm consists of a variety of soil types being a combination of highly productive river silts with large areas of heavy and lighter sands.

The river silts are mainly Manawatu, Rangitikei and Ohakea Silt loams. The heavier sands are predominately Pukepuke & Motuiti sands with the lighter sands being of the Himatangi variety. The Dalrymple Brothers over the last 20 years have spent a lot of time, money and effort developing the farm. One key area has been turning the heavy sands into highly productive land through, contouring, leveling, drainage, fencing and irrigating that area. The result has been the transformation of parts of the property from being marginally efficient to now being very highly productive pasture.

Waitatapia Farms also has 302ha planted in trees ranging in age from 1-30 yrs. in 36 different woodlots. Most of the trees are planted on the lighter sand country. The trees are treated as a rotational crop with around 12ha harvested and then replanted annually